We will see in this tutorial how to upload hex file to PIC controller using DS30 loader GUI.

Installing DS30 Software

Download the DS30 Loader Software from the below link and Extract it to some folder.

Launching DS30 Loader

Run the DS30 Loader GUI software .

Step 1:

  1. Browse the hex file
  2. Select the appropriate MCU
  3. Select the baud rate as 9600
  4. Select the correct com port detected on your computer, when using USB to serial converter check for exact COM port number in device manager.

DS30 PIC18F4520.png

Step 2: The board uses DTR pin of the CP2102 USB to Serial Converter to reset the MCU. Set it up as shown in the image below.

DS30 loader settings.png

Step 3: Click on the write option to flash the hex file. Once hex file is successfully uploaded status window display Write successfully completed Refer below image. 0DS30 PIC18F4520.png

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