In this tutorial we will see how to upload hex file using the below PICKit 2 programmer.

PICKIT 2 programmer.png

Installing Pickit 2 Software

Download and Install the Pickit2 software from the below link.

Pickit 2 Software Setup

Step1: Connect the Pickit2 programmer to target board as shown below. Ensure the Boot Jumper is disconnected.


Step2: Run the Pickit2 application and check the device communication as shown below.

PICkit2 check communication.png

Step3: Now status window should show PICkit 2 connected, with proper device(PIC16F877A), else double check the connections and try again. Flashing HEX file to pic18f4520.png

Step4: Import the .hex file from the menu File->Import Hex as shown below.

PICkit 2 import hex file.png

Step5: The Configuration bits should be set to 0x3F3A. Now click on Write to upload the hex file to target device.
Status window will show the uploading status.
Flashing HEX file to pic18f4520 1.png