In this tutorial we will look at setting up the Starter 8051 board. Once you have done with this basic set up, you can use on board peripherals as well as many other peripherals which can be connected to board using on board GPIO's. Nuvoton starter board.JPG


This board comes with nuvoTon w78E052DDG controller, this controller comes with in built boot loader hence we don't require any external programmer for hex file to burn. The board has USB to Serial converter chip to communicate with nuvoTon controller and to burn the hex file serially. We only need to connect the USB B type cable between PC/laptop and Starter 8051 board ( labelled 9 in the below image).

01 Explore Starter 8051.PNG


Connect the USB B type cable to Starter 8051 board, power LED on the board will glow. For installing drivers for starter 8051 board check out our Installing CP2102 USB Drivers tutorial.

8051 hookup.JPG

Software Setup

To upload the hex file please follow the Uploading Hex File Using nuvoTon tutorial.