In this tutorial we will see how to setup ARM GCC Tool Chain to generate .hex and .bin file for LPC1768.
To start with you will require ARM GCC, winAvr and make utility, download all the software's from following links.


Make Utility
Led Blinking Project

Installing ARM GCC

Once ARM GCC is downloaded install it on your machine. At the End of the installation do select the option Add path to environment variable as shown below. ARM GCC 01.PNG

To test the ARM GCC open the command line and use command arm-none-eabi-gcc --version, which will give the version information as shown below. ARM GCC 00.PNG

Installing WinAvr

Run the winavr installer and follow the steps to set the default configuration.

Installing Make Utility

Finally install the make utility. Make utility will not update the path variables and it needs to be done manually.
Add the Make Utility path to the environment path.

Now type the command make -v to verify the path.
Output of the command should be the version number of make file as shown in below image. ARM GCC 02.PNG


We will compile a simple Led Blinking program for LPC1768 using ARM GCC using following procedure
There are different ways to access your files depending on the makefile. We can write makefile as per folder structure.
To keep things simple we will be storing all the files in the same folder as shown in below image. ARM GCC 03.PNG Along with the source files we need core filescore_cm3.c, core_cm3.h, core_cm3.o,system_LPC17xx.c, system_LPC17xx.h, lpc17xx.h and startup_LPC17xx.c .
Finally we need a linker file for setting up the RAM, ROM size and start address.
Download all the files from this link.

After that open command line in your project directory and compile program by using make Clean followed by make all command as shown below.

In case you are getting the below error child 2300(0x14C) died before initialization with status code 0xC0000142, then replace the msys-1.0.dll file from the folder C:\WinAVR-20100110\utils\bin with this msys-1.0.dll file. ARM GCC 04.PNG

Try compiling again and this time it should be successfully compiled. ARM GCC 05.PNG

After successful compilation, .hex and .bin files will be generated in the same project directory. ARM GCC 06.PNG

Linker Setting

Start address of the application can be changed in the linker file as shown in the below image.

  1. In case your are using the .hex with flash magic then the start address should be 0x0000.
  2. For using the .bin file with Secondary bootloader, the start address should be 0x2000.