Kit Contents: PIC18F4520 Starter Board comes with the following features:

  1. PIC18F4520 MCU with ds30 bootloader
  2. LCD 16x2 breakout.
  3. On Board Usb-To-Serial.
  4. Test switches (1) and LEDs(3).
  5. All Port pins pins available for peripheral interfacing.
  6. Dimensions: 95mm X 70mm.
  7. 1.6mm Glass Epoxy, FR4 PCB.
  8. Wave Soldered.

Driver Installation

Software Setup

Complete Board Test

The board is shipped with test software loaded in the controller. Connect the board to the System, Open the Serial Terminal and reset the Controller. Follow the below procedure to test all the peripherals.


This Board will comes with Two on board LEDs Connected to PD0 and PD1. PIC18f4520 LED.png

LCD Test

Below table shows the LCD 4-bit pin connection.

RS RW EN D4 D5 D6 D7
PB_0 PB_1 PB_2 PD_4 PD_5 PD_6 PD_7

PIC18f4520 LCD.png

Switch Test

The Board comes with two on Board Switches, Connected to PD2 and PD3. PIC18f4520 Switch.png

Adc Test

The Board has a Pot Connected to AN0/RA0. ADC values from the Pot is read and transmtted on UART. PIC18f4520 ADC.png

EEprom Test

(A-Z) is wriiten to eeprom and then read it back. Same is transmitted on UART. PIC18f4520 EEPROM.png