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AVR Development Kit with USB Programmer

AVR Development Kit with USB Programmer

This kit is designed to prototype, test and build applications/projects on 28 pin and 40 pin AVR Microcontrollers like atmega8, atmega168, atmega328 etc and 40 pin AVR devices like atmega16, atmega32 etc. The Kit comes with a USB Programmer and host of interfaces!

Kit Contents

  1. 1.AVR Development board with All ICs
  2. 2.Microcontrollers: Atmega32, Atmega8
  3. 3.LCD 16x2
  4. 4. Seven Segments 4 numbers
  5. 5. RTC battery
  6. 6. Buzzer
  7. 7. Two Relays
  8. 8. Eight DIP Switch
  9. 9. Eight 5mm LEDs
  10. 10. 4 x 4 Keypad
  11. 11. Two Serial Ports
  12. 12. Temperature Sensor LM35
  13. 13. Power adapter 12V, 1A
  14. 14. Single pin female connectors: 20
  15. 15. Serial Cable
  16. 16. USB Cable
  17. 17. AVR USB Programmer

Setting up the XploreFlash Programmer

used to program both 8051 and AVR micrcontrollers.

Step 1: Xplore flash is based on various opensource software, it requires avrdude. Avrdude is part of WinAVR GCC complier. Download and install it.

Step 2: Download and install USB driver for the programmer.

Step 3: Download and install XploreFlash GUI. (XploreFlash GUI is based on AVRDUDESS)

Downloads and References

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