In this tutorial we will discuss how to access the PIC16F877A internal EEPROM memory to store and retrieve the data. Eeprom is basically used to store the non volatile data which is required to be stored even if there is power loss or controller resets. Pic16f877a Eeprom.png

PIC16F877A Memories

PIC16F877A comes with three memories Flash,RAM and EEPROM. Below table shows the memory capacity of PIC16F877A:

Memory Size Description
FLASH 8k-bytes Used to store the programs
RAM 368-bytes Temporary/ScratchPad memory used during program execution.
EEPROM 256-bytes Used to store the non-volatile data across power cycles


Please check this tutorial for detailed explanation on PIC16F877A Internal Eeprom.


Below is the program to write the data(A-Z) to eeprom and then read it back.

Pic16f877a EepromOutput.png