In this tutorial, we will see how to display the images/icons on 128x64 Monochrome GLCD. To do this we need images of 128x64 pixels, if not we have to crop/resize the higher resolution images. This can be done using photoshop or some other photo editors. We will be using the windows built in tool PAINT.

Image Resize

Lets take a high resolution image and crop it to 128x64 and then generate the bitmap. IPL.png
Download and open the above image using ms paint as shown below. Glcd Logo 0.PNG

Resize the image to 128x64 pixels. Glcd Logo 1.PNG

Save the image in monochrome bitmap format .bmp as shown below. Glcd Logo 2.PNG
Glcd Logo 3.png

Bitmap Using Lcd Assistant

Now run the LCD Assistant software and load the monochrome image saved in the previous step. Glcd Logo 4.png

Do the setting as shown in the image. Glcd Logo 5.png

Click on FILE->Save Output and save the output file as logo.txt Glcd Logo 6.png

The bitmap for the image will be saved in an array as shown in the below image. Glcd Logo 7.PNG

Use this array in your code for displaying the image/logo on the GLCD.


Below is the complete code with the bit map array.
Check glcd.h file for pin connection.

Glcd LogoDisplay.png

0GLCD Logo Display.gif


Download the complete project folder from this link: Hardware design Files and Code Library
LCD Assistant software.

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