In this tutorial we will discuss how to configure the AWS for amazon user account and later we will see how to setup a new things and generate certificates to communicate with your IOT device using AWS MQTT services.

AWS User Account

For using the AWS services you need to have a user account and login using the AWS Login link

Existing users can directly login and directly jump to next. New users should register following the below steps. AwsIOT Login page.JPG

Provide the valid mail id, user name and password to create an AWS account. AwsIOT NewUser.JPG

Enter the Company/Personnel contact Details AwsIOT contact info.JPG

Provide the CreditCard details for payment. Basic plan is free for first Year, other plans are chargeable. We will look into the different plans as we proceed. AwsIOT Payment Details.JPG

Here the Amazon will verify the details provided by you through phone call. AwsIOT Identity Verfication.JPG

You will receive a verification call for the registered number and will be asked to entry the 4-digit verification code which is currently displayed on the screen. Once you enter the 4-digit code, verification should be completed as shown below. AwsIOT Identity Verfication SuccessFul.JPG

Click the link that is marked with red box to view the plans and select according to your requirement. We will go with basic. AwsIOT Plan Selection.JPG

We are done with the registration, wait for couple of minutes to receive the registration confirmation mail. AwsIOT registConfirmation.JPG

Creating a new thing

After Login, click on Signin To Console to go to AWS dash board. Now type AWS IOT and Select the AWS IOT (Connect Devices to Cloud) from drop down as shown below. AwsIOT Start.png

Now the AWS GetStarted Window will open only for the first time. Click on GetStarted to go to dash board. AwsIOT GetStarted.jpg

Click on Register-->Things for registering a new Thing as shown below. AwsIOT registerThing.jpg

Now click on Create to create a new Thing. AwsIOT ThingCreate.jpg

Provide a unique Thing name and click on Create to proceed. AwsIOT TestThingName.jpg

myTestThing is SuccessFul created as shown below. AwsIOT ThingCreatedSuccessfully.jpg

Get the MQTT HOST name and thing name from Interact menu. These will be used to connect with AWS MQTT and also to subscribe/publish the topics. AwsIOT ThingInteract.jpg

Generate certificates for new thing

Go to Security menu and click on Create Certificate to register the certificates. AwsIOT ThingCreateCertificate.jpg

Click on the activate button to activate the certificates and download the certificate,private key and root CA as name them as below.


AwsIOT ThingCertActivateSuccess.jpg

Define and Attach Policies

Go do AWS dash board and select the Security-->Policies and click on Create a Policy as shown below. AwsIOT ThingPolicyCreate.jpg

Define the policy for myTestThing as shown below AwsIOT ThingPolicyDefine.jpg

Now go back to Certificates and attach the policy that was defined above AwsIOT ThingPolicyAttach.jpg

Select the thing and attach the policies define above. AwsIOT ThingPolicyAttach 1.jpg

Verify the Attached Policies

Now verify whether the policies are attached to newly created thing as shown below. AwsIOT VerifyPolicy.jpg