In this tutorial we will see how to setup a keil project to generate .hex file for LPC1768

00 Lpc7168 Keil.png

Step1: Open the Keil software and select the New Microvision project from Project Menu as shown below.
Lpc1768 Keil 01.png

Step2: Browse to your project folder and provide the project name and click on save.
Lpc1768 Keil 02.png

Step3: Once the project is saved a new pop up “Select Device for Target” opens, Select the controller(NXP:LPC1768) and click on OK.
Lpc1768 Keil 03.png

Step4: Select the controller(NXP:LPC1768) and click on OK.
Lpc1768 Keil 04.png

Step5: As LPC1768 needs the startup code, click on Yes option to include the LPC17xx Startup file.

Lpc1768 Keil 05.png

Step6: Create a new file to write the program.
Lpc1768 Keil 06.png

Step7: Type the code or Copy paste the below code snippet.
Lpc1768 Keil 07.png

Step8: After typing the code save the file as main.c.
Lpc1768 Keil 08.png

Step9: Add the recently saved file to the project

. Lpc1768 Keil 09.png

Step10: Add the main.c along with system_LPC17xx.c.
Lpc1768 Keil 10.png

Step11: Build the project and fix the compiler errors/warnings if any.
Lpc1768 Keil 11.png

Step12: Code is compiled with nor errors. The .hex file is still not generated.
Lpc1768 Keil 12.png

Step13: Click on Target Options to select the option for generating .hex file.
Lpc1768 Keil 13.png

Step14: Set IROM1 start address as 0x0000.
Lpc1768 Keil 14.png

Step15: Enable the option to generate the .hex file

Lpc1768 Keil 15.png

Step16: .Hex file is generated after a rebuild.
Lpc1768 Keil 16.png

Step17: Check the project folder for the generated .hex file.
Lpc1768 Keil 17.png