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In the last tutorial we saw how to use the Arduino ESP32 AWS IOT library to configure an AWS client to subscribe/publish to a topic/thing. At the end of the tutorial we logged the temperature and humidity using DTH11 sensor.

Hornbill IO operation

In this tutorial we will see how to control the ESP32 pins using the AWS IOT. For this we will be using the Hornbill_IO library. Hornbill_IO currently supports the below four operation which will be extended in the near future.

  1. digitalRead
  2. digitalWrite
  3. analogRead
  4. analogWrite

Hornbill IO JSON Format

We have a specific protocol/json format defined for the IO operation. Below is the Json format for sending the data from Control Unit to ESP32 By the above format Control Unit wants to write a logic 1 to pin 13.

Below is the Json format for reporting the data from ESP32 to Server. Here the device is reporting the analog value(1023) of pin 36 .

Hornbill IO Structure

The above Json format is mapped to internal Hornbill IO control structure as below. This may change in the future as we add more functionality to Hornbill IO library.