Ultra PIC Development Kit with USB programmer

The Ultra PIC development kit is prototyping platform for 40 pin and 28 pin PIC devices. It supports 16F and 18F pic devices. The kit comes with a USB programmer which is PIC KIT 2 firmware compatible. It includes host of peripherals and everything else to get you started with development on PIC microcontrollers.

Kit Contents:

1. PIC Development Board with following Modules, ICs and Interfaces
2. Microcontrollers: 16F877,18F2520
3. LCD 16x2
4. Seven Segments 4 numbers
5. RTC battery
6. Buzzer
7. Two Relays
8. Eight DIP Switch
9. Eight 5mm LEDs
10. 4 x 4 Keypad
11. Two Serial Ports
12. Temperature Sensor LM35
13. Power adapter 12V, 1A
14. Single pin female connectors: 20 
15. Serial Cable
16. USB Cable
17. PIC USB Programmer

We are build this stuff, check back again soon!
We are build this stuff, check back again soon!