Explore Atmega32 for Arduino

The Explore Atmega32 breakout board for arduino, is small breakout board for the Explore Ultra One Baseboard. You can also use the board standalone on a breadboard or perfboard, you will require a FTDI cable or Explore USB to Serial convertor to program it from arduino enviroment. It comes with a bootlader with proper configuration.


  • Size: 40mm x 67.5mm
  • Fits on breadboard and perfboard
  • Can be used on Explore Embedded Universal Development Board as addon board
  • 2 on board user LEDs, 1 power led
  • Reset switch
  • ISP Programming Header
  • 16MHz Crystal
  • ATmega32 Features:
    • 8 bit Atmega Processor
    • 32K Bytes of Flash(Program Memory)
    • 2K Bytes SRAM
    • Analog Comparator
    • Watchdog
    • SPI
    • 2 8-bit Timers plus prescaler
    • 2 16-bit Timers with prescaler, capture etc.
    • 4 PWM channels
    • UART
    • 8 channel 10-bit ADC
    • SPI
    • 2 wire serial interface
    • Real Time Counter with separate oscillator
    • Low power and Idle modes, External and External interrupts, selectable on-chip Oscillator


We are build this stuff, check back again soon!
We are build this stuff, check back again soon!