In this tutorial we will see how to upload hex file using the below PICKit 2 programmer.

PICKIT 2 programmer.png

Installing Pickit 2 Software

Download and Install the Pickit2 software from the below link.

Pickit 2 Software Setup

Step1: Connect the Pickit2 programmer to target board as shown below. Ensure the Boot Jumper is disconnected.


Step2: Run the Pickit2 application and check the device communication as shown below.

PICkit2 check communication.png

Step3: Now status window should show PICkit 2 connected, with proper device(PIC16F877A), else double check the connections and try again.

PICKit2 application software.png

Step4: Import the .hex file from the menu File->Import Hex as shown below.

PICkit 2 import hex file.png

Step5: The Configuration bits should be set to 0x3F3A. Now click on Write to upload the hex file to target device.
Status window will show the uploading status.

0PICkit2 succesful.png

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