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The Ultra PIC development kit is prototyping platform for 40 pin and 28 pin PIC devices. It supports 16F and 18F pic devices. The kit comes with a USB programmer which is PIC KIT 2 firmware compatible. It includes host of peripherals and everything else to get you started with development on PIC microcontrollers.

Kit Contents:

1. PIC Development Board with following Modules, ICs and Interfaces 1. PIC Development board with All ICs
2. Microcontrollers: 16F877,18F2520
3. LCD 16x2
4. Seven Segments 4 numbers
5. RTC battery
6. Buzzer
7. Two Relays
8. Eight DIP Switch
9. Eight 5mm LEDs
10. 4 x 4 Keypad
11. Two Serial Ports
12. Temperature Sensor LM35
13. Power adapter 12V, 1A
14. Single pin female connectors: 20
15. Serial Cable
16. USB Cable
17. PIC USB Programmer