In this tutorial we will see the serial communication on Explore M3 using ExploreEmbedded libraries.
0 UART main.gif


Please check this tutorial for detailed explanation on Lpc1768 inbuilt UART module.
If you are doing it for the first time, then check the below links to setup the project for generating the .bin file.

  1. Keil4 Setup
  2. Keil5 Setup
  3. ARM GCC Setup
  4. Eclipse & ARM GCC Setup

UART module

Explore M3 has 4-UARTs (UART0-UART3) and similarly the interfaces are suffixed with uart number.
Below table shows the Explore M3 UART pins.

UART Channel Explore M3 Pin LPC1768 Pin
RX0 0 P0.3
TX0 1 P0.2
RX1 6 P0.16
TX1 7 P0.15
RX2 4 P0.11
TX2 5 P0.10
RX3 2 P0.1
TX3 3 P0.0


The below code shows uart communication on all the four UART channels with different baud rate.

  • Note:Refer the uart.h file for interface details.