Getting Started with KiCAD

You can download the software from KiCAD's home page. KiCAD is a opensource and free tool for designing schematics and layouts for printed circuit boards, the best part is there are no size limits; as with some of the other closed source, free softwares. We at Xplore Labz use it for most of our PCB Designs. The software is continuously evolving and there are lot of libraries of already being built. You might not just use KiCAD in your designs, you could as well contribute to its development.

In the video tutorial below, we will design a simple 4 LED breakout PCB. The example is very simple and it allows beginners to understand the workflow. In the upcoming tutorials we will describe KiCAD Schematics, Layouts and other features in detail. Stay Tuned!

Next up: Advance Kicad tutorial