nRF51822 BLE 4.0 Board

This a low cost prototyping board for the famous nRF51822 bluetooth low energy  chip from Nordiac Semiconductors. The System on Chip(SoC) has both a  32-bit ARM® Cortex™ M0 CPU  as well as a  embedded 2.4GHz RF transceiver. The board has most of the pins broken out on a .5 inch (1.27mm) 9 x 2 headers on both sides. It does not fit on a breadbord and is not user friendly. Hence with collabration with, we have done a breakout board. The nRF51 E3 BO is a adapter board which we highly recommend you to buy with this board to make it usable and help will help you get started quickly. 


  • Single chip, highly flexible, 2.4 GHz multi-protocol device
  • 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 CPU core
  • 256kB flash, 32kB RAM
  • Supports Bluetooth Smart protocol stacks
  • Thread safe and run-time protected
  • Event driven API
  • On air compatible with nRF24L series
  • 3 data rates (2Mbps/1Mbps/250kbps)
  • +4dBm output power
  • -93dBm sensitivity, Bluetooth Smart
  • Configurable I/O mapping for analog and digital I/O


  • Nordiac Product Page: lists whole lot of resources for the IC including detailed specifications, datasheets, Reference designs and other resources


We are build this stuff, check back again soon!
We are build this stuff, check back again soon!