Mini AVR ATmega8 USB Development Board

Mini_AVR with USB is a small rapid prototyping board based on atmega 8 controller from AVR. Comes with inbuilt bootloader and hence eliminates use of external programmer. It can also be used with Arduino software. The board has additional pads for male connectors, with which the board can be fixed on a bread board!


  • Comes withoptiboot bootloader, hence no external programmer required.
  • Can also be used with Arduino Software.
  • Additional Pin headers to insert the board on breadboard or perfboard, ideal for prototyping.
  • USB Interface CP2102: for communicating with the host computer.
  • LCD Interface:16 characters,2 lines.
  • Test Leds(2) and Switches(2).
  • Breakout for all Ports.
  • POT to test ADC.
  • Breakout +5v,Gnd and Vin.
  • Power Supply compatible with DC adapters


For additional details, support, tutorials and much more do visit the product learnings page! 

We are build this stuff, check back again soon!
We are build this stuff, check back again soon!