Hands on AVR Micrcontrollers

The two day workshop on AVR Micrcontrollers covers the basics of AVR Atmega Microcontrollers, the programming and interfacing various peripherals. We will help you get kickstarted with AVR Micrcontroller development. It is not just 2 day affair, we have you backed up with code-libraries, video and text tutorials. You'll have skills for a lifetime.

For more details click here: Hands on AVR

Session-1: Basics and Background

  • Why learn about MCUs?

  • Features: Speed, Programmable and versatile.

  • MCUs in real time application

  • Generic Classification and choice

  • What really is a ALU?

  • Why AVR is still relevant?

  • AVR Architecture in brief.

  • Covering the C basics.

  • Setting up the tools.

Session-2 : Interfacing.

  1. Blinking LEDs            

  2. Reading Switches and some logical operations

  3. Interfacing 7 Segment display    

  4. Interfacing 16x2 LCD.

  5. Interfacing Hex Keypad

  6. Introduction to AVR Timers and Counters

    1. Generating Delay with timers

    2. Counting objects with counters

  7. Introduction to serial communicat    

    1. RS232

    2. Sending/Receiving chars, strings and processing data

  8. Basics of I2C    

    1. Interfacing Real time clock DS130    

  1. Interfacing DC/Stepper Motors with L293D

  2. Interfacing Relays

  3. Interfacing Buzzer    

  4. Interfacing ADC    

    1. Read a potentiometer

    2. Interfacing Temperature sensor LM35

    3. Measuring Light with LDR

  5. Interrupt Basics

    1. External Interrupts

    2. Timer Interrupts

    3. Serial Interrupts

We are build this stuff, check back again soon!
We are build this stuff, check back again soon!