GSM SIM900A USB Sheild

GSM SIM 900A USB shield is a handy solution for your GSM/GPRS interface needs. You may connect it to a Laptop/Desktop computer with USB or RS232 connection. Also there is a TTL breakout for directly connecting it to microcontrollers like AVR, Arduino, PIC, ARM  and other microcontrollers.

Specifications: GSM SIM900A USB SHIELD

  • On board Interfaces
    • USB (usb to serial using CP2102)
    • RS232 with MAX232
    • TTL pin breakout (RXD,TXD,GND)

SIM 900A GSM GPRS Module feature

General features 
•Dual-Band 900/ 1800 MHz
•GPRS multi-slot class 10/8
•GPRS mobile station class B
•Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+
– Class 4 (2 W @900 MHz)
– Class 1 (1 W @ 1800MHz)
•SAIC (Single Antenna Interference Cancellation) support 
•Dimensions: 24* 24 * 3 mm
•Weight: 3.4g
•Control via AT commands (GSM 07.07 ,07.05 and SIMCOM enhanced AT Commands)
•SIM application toolkit
•Supply voltage range : 3.2 ... 4.8V
•Low power consumption: 1.0mA(sleep mode&BS -PA-MFRMS=9 )
•Operation temperature: -40°C to +85 °C

Default Settings on the board

  • The baud rate is set to 9600 when we ship the board. You may change it with AT+IPR = 115200.
  • The echo of characters is turned on by default.


SIM 900 AT commands


USB Driver

GUI for windows

  • Xplore GSM is a Windows GUI and command line software that can be used to test and evaluate the GSM USB Shield. 

For support visit the products learning page. 

We are build this stuff, check back again soon!
We are build this stuff, check back again soon!