Character LCD 16 x 2 - White on Blue

This is one of the widely used character displays. Extremely easy to use with all of the major micrcontrollers. You should have seen it on hobbist as well as industrial projects As the name says it can display 16 characters on 1 line. There are 2 lines, which can be used to display 32 characters. You can also make menus, scroll text and display custom characters. This display has blue backlight and characters are displayed in white font. This display is based on HD44780 controller, majority of character displays are based on this or a compatible controller inside. Hence the libraries are portable and you can switch from one brand to other easily. 


  • 16 Characters x 2 Lines
  • LED Backlight
  • Supports 8-bit and 4-bit modes
  • 11 pin parallel interface
  • Size: 80mm x 36mm


We have nice breakout board for this display which supports 16x1, 16x2, 20x4 and 128x64 displays. You may buy it here:  LCD Breakout Board for 16x1 16x2 20x4 128x64

We are build this stuff, check back again soon!
We are build this stuff, check back again soon!